How I store my MS scoreboard

I love my Martha Stewart scoreboard! 

I love that has integrals every 1/8 inch, has a handy envelope maker designed to be stored on the underside, has storage for her slim stylus, plus room for more tools and last but not least it's white.  LOL

I keep my MS scoreboard in a handy square serving tray that I purchased from a yard sale.  I know these are readily available most home decor places and this is the perfect time of year to be scouting for one for yourself if you want to use my storage idea too.

A handy trimmer can be stored in the tray too and removed when you need room to score paper.

I have room along the side to store several MS punches and also an often used corner punch.  It actualy squeezes in the end of the MS punches.  I also keep a circle punch here @ all times too as I use it often. 

In the compartment for storing the MS scoring tool aka bone folder I also store my double ended embossing stylus to use for some projects like thicker cardstock.  I also keep a hand dandy popsicle stick in this spot too for rub-ons.  You will find room here for other little tools too.  I'm sure I will pop some more in after writing this post too!  LOL

Under the scoreboard I keep sheets of scrap 81/2 x 11 paper to pull out for embossing or to protect a surface while stamping or spraying.  You could also store a craft mat providing it doesn't move the board around while in use (or take it out when using if it does).  I can the scrap paper or craft mat right on top of the score board if I like.

Hope this gives you an idea for storage.  : )

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Cindy in Wisconsin said...

I really like the way you store these things, Cathie! I don't own a Scoreboard (yet) but will hold onto this idea for future reference.

Karen said...

This is a great solution for storing MS scroreboard and edge punches!