On a roll with SWEET BDAY cards

Funny how things work out sometimes. The other night I decided to make a stack of blank solid colored card bases to have on hand when my mojo hits me. Whack! LOL ; )

The next night I decided to dig deep into my scrap pile and pull out any pieces that were close to the size or could be cut down to fit the bases. Not giving much thought to a completed card, just grabbing a sized piece and finding a complimentary patterned paper, plus a card base and stuck them together with my dwindling bit of double sided tape.

Wow, not too shabby - now I have card bases with patterned papers already stuck to them how handy is that?!

Well pretty handy LOL

The next night I spotted some stamped images that could use some coloring with my teensy weensy supply of copic markers. LOL Needless to say I stayed up late cause I was having so much fun coloring in my new HOUSE MOUSE stamp. Who can resist these little darlings?

Guess what happened next?

Yup, I put 2 + 2 together after spotting the stack of card bases all ready to go and my stack of colored images.

Just before my friend flew off to her cousins for a little visit I spotted the bag of scalloped circles we did using her Spellbinders. I don't own any yet - can U believe it? I know, I can't either. LOL ; )

Well my MOJO hit me SMACK in the face and I got to work fast and with much enthusiasm with the stack of bases - now with patterned papers stuck good, my colored images and the scalloped circles. Now while I am on a roll I start to panick just a little (AH!) because my bestie (that's my word for best friend) won't be back for over a week and I know I am going to run out of scalloped circles. LOL ; ) When I do that's it till she gets back and we can have another play date when I can use her Spellbinders again. LOL

Well I kept going till I ran out of double sided tape and foam squares. : ) Now I have lots of cute House Mouse stamped & colored cards all ready to go. Some for friends & family Bdays, and some for my etsy shop. Woot Woot! : )

Here is a sampling of my cards:

Love the 'au natural' soft feel to this one with a pop of color in the frosting on the cupcake.  : )

Love the bubble pattern on this paper and how it works with the circle scallop.  I never would have though of using or even buying these little bows before but it works and no sentiment.  So use this card to celebrate any day worth celebrating with a cupcake.  That's any day of the week for me.  LOL

Love the polka dot distress paper and the zesty green rhinestones for that added bit of BLING!  : )

This one has to be a BDAY card because the sentiment says so.  LOL   Again love the soft colors and I only colored the cupcake so it pops against the nuetral background colors and gives a nice juxtoposition don't ya think!  : )

Similar to the previous blue one but with the sentiment:
'Make a Wish' - I'd wish for cupcakes!  LOL  ; )

As you can see most of the images I colored just the cupcakes cause I love focusing in on the sweet stuff I would love to eat!  
The House Mouse images are just as sweet, but I love the juxtoposition and even graphic look leaving the mice in just the black or brown inked image.  How sweet eh?!

I made more cards, but my camera batteries died and I had to give up on taking any more pics of the rest till another day after I recharge myself and my camera batteries.  ha ha  : )

Check out my my etsy shop OR cathies pARTies if you'd like to purchase one.