I love Halloween!

I love to decorate with all the Halloween treasures our family has collected over the years. Our whole family gets into it and loves find something new to add to our collection every year. We decorate inside and out - make it scary for the trick or treat'rs and see who dares to knock at our front door.

If they are brave they are usually greeted at our door by my husband who loves to thrill them with some shock and awe or some twisted trick he has up his sleeve each year. Sometimes he hands out cans of sardines to any takers. One year he offered bloody fingers on a plate, of course they were the plastic kind all covered with ketchup - ewe!

One Halloween we had made a scarecrow and sat it on our porch, it was his idea for it to be headless and dump a pot of spaghetti noodles with tomato sauce on it, for visual effect. Oh the shrieks we had that night when kids of all ages had climbed our fourteen stairs to the top of our porch and be greeted with that sight. I think it only took them one leap to head right back off our porch and run in fright that Halloween night _ cackle, cackle. :) Another year he hid in a pile of raked up leaves only to leap out at the trick or treat'rs as they came up our sidewalk, eek!