Handmade Journal

Here's a sneak peak at one of my HANDMADE journals.
I made this one for a certain someone for Christmas this year.

All are handmade by me using various art & paper crafting techniques.
Each one is unique!
I scour various art, craft, charity shops, yard sales &
flea markets for just the right papers & embellishments.

I will also make journals with recycled papers for those
who want to give with an environmental conscience!

This one allows you to keep a record of names you wish to give to.
Whether you make something handmade yourself or buy -
it has pages to keep your Holiday giving organized.
There are separate sections for family, friends & others.
There's even a section for shopping for your HOLIDAY dinner -
including a meal planner.

It's a handy size for putting into your purse and opens nicely for writing down your entries. I have included a pocket with old fashioned closure that you can put receipts into, as well as a library pocket page for you to slip coupons into!

What a unique way to record a Jolly Holiday!

I can personalize the back cover too!

If you want to CUSTOM ORDER one or more for yourself, I will be back
in the workshop right after the Holiday festivities are over.

These are labour intensive, take time and care and
I only make personalized ones on order.

PLEASE order well in advance of Christmas,
so I don't get a rush right before Christmas -
I would hate for you to be disappointed!

send me an email @


Here's a tree I designed a while back just fool in' around. I endearingly nick named it my Fugly Christmas Tree.

I would love to see how you use it! :)

Will you make gift tags, place cards, stickers, a card?

Please share with us what you do with it I would love to post pics in a future post.

While this Digi is FREE - I ask that you credit its use back to
cathies pARTies.

Please do not copy/share prints/files of this digi - anyone who would like a copy should be referred to my site and leave a comment so I can get an idea how everyone likes my freebies and if I should continue to make more.

Bloggers are asked to refer those that want it to get it directly from my blog post via a link.

While honored that you may consider entering my free digi in a handmade card you'd like to enter into contests or for publication, Please do not publish without proper credit.

This FREE DIGI STAMP is intended for personal use only -
DO NOT MASS PRODUCE or claim as your own and turn it into a clear/rubber/other stamp!

COPYRIGHT 2010 by cathies pARTies - a.k.a. C.Thompson


Penguin Card

I made this card last year.

I think the bright non-traditional colors gave it a modern twist.

I love the hit of orange in the striping and the juxtaposition
of the cold climate penguin standing on sparkling icicles.

I still loooove this card!! :)

Little Elf Holiday Card

This little Elf Holiday card was snagged for an ETSY Treasury tagged:

Will your gift wrap be remembered

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