NOVEMBER 11, 2011

Today one of my FRIENDS in my paper crafting group posted this pic today.  She said she was inspired by another friend there to take a pic whenever you have a MAGICAL DAY - one that has the month, day & year the with the same numbers.  Today is 11,11,11 a magical day.


I was AMAZED @ what I saw!

What do YOU see?

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Cathie : )

SHE gave me permission to share this pic with YOU!
She didn't know what I saw in the pic & was focusing on taking a pic on the SNOW that was falling.
I told her to go have another look @ the photo & REMEMBER what day TODAY is besides being what she refered to as a MAGICAL DAY refering to the numbers lining up.
Waiting to here back from her on what SHE sees now too!


UPDATE 11.12.11:
Sorry I'm just getting back to you all now about the photo posted yesterday.  The one @ the top of the post here.
Of course you all know she was inspired by B to take a pic on a MAGICAL DAY one having the day, month, year with the same number.  Well yesterday was one of those days 11/11/11.  She was focusing on the MAGICAL SNOW that was falling - that was the magic she seen. 
Well yesterday was REMEMBRANCE DAY here for us in CANADA & in the US you had your VETERANS DAY.  Soon as I seen the pic & clicked on it to enlarge.  I seen some ghostly grave stones in the foreground & lots of grave stones falling from the sky to join them.  While I know these were snowflakes, I thought it was odd that they all looked liked rectangles.  So for anyone who looks at a piece of art or a photo I guess everyone can see something different.  When my hubby came home I asked him to look @ the photo & tell me what he thought of it.  First he said that's MY tree, because he has a photo similar to this with a lone tree as the focal point.  After some reflection he said he seen gravestones in the foreground & more gravestones falling from the sky.  That's EXACTLY what I seen I said.  I'm glad I'm not the only one.  I thought maybe knowone else could see that.  Anyway.  MYSTERY solved: for anyone who cares.  I seen this photo as a REMEBRANCE to the fallen SOLDIERS.  The LONE TREE perhaps representing the one fallen soldier who's unidentified.  This photo made me think of them all day instead of for a few short minutes.  Thanks for Sharing your pic L.  : )


Anne-Marie said...

Cathie, I've been starin' at it for ages....what am I not seein'?
Driving me crazy...haaa!

Laura said...

Well, now that I've read your own vision, I too can see the little tombstones...But I'm now seeing it on Nov 28th, so I didn't have Rememberance day on my mind.....but I did see the two longer snowflakes that looked like the number 11!.


Cindy :) said...

I wasn't sure what I was looking for, then I re read the date and looked again, I was like OMG Flanders fields, I wonder if that's what you saw, so I read on and yes I was right, were not crazy LOL. ty for sharing this, wish I had seen it on remembrance day. ;)