My SWEET White Owl & Pumpkin

I bought both this  white pumpkin & owl @ Michaels after Thanksgiving a couple years back & just love them.  I use them to decorate for Thankgiving & Halloween.  Just change the surrounding a bit for each Holiday.  Love the big eyes on the owl & the simplicity of the white.  Nice change from orange.  It's an unusual pumpkin too not seen it sold there since either.  It has a realistic stem with vine & leaves attached.

Here's a close up of the pumpkin itself:

The pumpkin, stem & leaf have a dusting of shimmer & just a hint of glow in the dark paint in the ribs of the pumpkin.  You can see some of my sewing handiwork in this photo too!  The runner is quilted with harvest vegetables on one side @ the ends there is a graduating watercolor pieced farm scene.  On the reverse side is a Halloween scene in a watercolor quilt effect with Haunted Neighbourhood full of Trick or Treaters & ghouls of all kinds.  I like how the runner does double duty for the fall holidays.  It's trimmed around the edges with black bias tape for a clean bold look.  It has to be one of my favorite pieces that I ever made.

PS if you click on the bottom pic to enlarge it you can see that I was stamping on my table.  LOL  There is a very noticable imprint of black ink just to the side of the runner.  Oops!  It did come out eventually.  Can't say the same for a watermark left by leaving a real pumpkin on the table overnight without something underneath it to protect the table.  That mark never came out.  So I have a permanent reminder of Halloween past.  : )

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