My version of a TEA LIGHT Candle Card

I made this card for a Swap.  We were challenged to make a tea light candle card, use some ribbon on the card, fill the pocket with anything we want & it had to be girly. 

This is what I came up with:

I started with the basic tea light candle card template.  I tweaked the pattern just enough to flatten the pocket so it would ship flatter(hopefully go regular post which it did) and accomodate the width of the Pumpkin Spice Tea bags.  I chose the tea bags to be unique & cost a little less for shipping as they are lighter than candles.  Plus I already have lots of candles & thought others probably did too.  Perhaps they would like something a little different.  It also made the challenge a little more interesting & challenging. 

I added a Black Satin Ruffle Bow to The Black Cat's hat in my paint program & also highlighted the eyes in green to emphasise them even more.

I added just enough glitter to the cat hat, pumpkin, spider web bow etc. to make it girly. I think the little black cat makes it girly too! The classic chair is girly & I added the white floral detail @ the top to make it even more girly.

The last pic shows the tag I made to go in the pocket behind the chair. I made my own clip art sentiment to go along with the theme going on here.

It reads:

"Come Sit for a Spell & Enjoy your Treat!"

I used one of my favorite fonts, I think it works well with Halloween Projects like this.

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