It's finally here the day of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver, Canada. My home town. I am hoping we do Canada proud. I have seen some - what I would call - surreal and spectacular opening ceremonies of past Winter Olympics. I only hope the visionaries of this one can live up to my expectations. I don't know what to expect, except that (if we could harness the energy in that stadium) it should keep the roof of B.C. place stadium up without the use of electricity for the duration of the Olympic Games. My vision would be for the opening ceremonies to include all of the native tribes each to represent a color of the olympic rings. They would come in - each first representing the sun, sky, sea, land, and maybe a cloud to represent snow. They would circle the stadium as these elements as a narrator begins to tell a story about 'the begining' starting with the sun; followed by the other elements each with their own story. Each element would be members of the tribes moving in unison to portray their element. For exampe the sun - each tribal member dressed in reddish/orange native dress with the tone on tone Native Olympic apparrel available on some clothing that we have seen already; they would join together as a circle to represent the sun. The sky would be represented by another tribe in sky blue tone on tone Native Olympic robes moving as a block of color or rows of alternating shades of sky blue. Land would be represened by green, much like the sky. Sea would be a combination of green and blue waves made by rows of people walking in alternating colors of green & blue each color in a wavy row. White would represent a cloud bringing rain and snow and could be represented as a cloud by people holding hands in a cloud shape followed by a number of members outside the group with more space around each so they look like snow coming from the cloud. After they pass around the stadium once they would enter the center of the stadium each changing into an Olympic ring of the same color. To continue - a native group would enter into each ring same colors again as the ring itself and proceed to drum, dance and sing in their native voice, with a colored ring dance in each as well (if you have ever seen their ring dances, you know what I am talking about). This is what I dreamed up as a beginning to something awesome. Lets see what happens!

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