Sweet Blue Bird Pottery

I bought two of these SWEET blue bird mugs/noodle bowls at Home Sense recently.
I just love the little birds perched on the handles.  The sides of the bowls have an embossed/relief branch.

Originaly I thought of them as mugs for a really big cuppa, but then realized they were probably meant to be noodle bowls.  I use them for both.  I paid about 5.00 for each.  In the photo they are laden with fresh strawberries, real whipped cream & homemade scones.

The scones have wheat germ, oat bran & flax added to them.  This helps make the dish a little more healthy indulgence.  YUM...!  Nobody has to know you added the healthy goodness.  I crumble up a scone the size of an average ice cream scoop ( which is how I scoop the batter from the bowl to the baking pan too) then add fresh sliced strawberries (to which I added a little sugar while they are all in a mixing bowl, smoosh down  with a fork & stir every few minutes-after about 10 minutes they are swimming in their own syrup) add whipped cream...

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glitterbird said...

All the noodle bowls i have ever seen do not have handles and i own a lot of noodle bowls.